I have been suffering from arthritis.  It has been very discomforting to do my job. I went to the doctor and the doctor prescribed me an arthritis pills.  It had no effect on helping my arthritis and rather gained weight on top of my weight problem.  Therefore I tried many weight loss programs but failed due to my uncontrollable hunger and my discomforting arthritis.  I stopped looking for pills and western medicine in search of a more natural healing.  Then I found Dr. Jang.  She was very kind and very willing to fix my problems.  After 3 months of treatment, I was able to lose 30lb and completely cure my arthritis! She has cured my uncontrollable hunger and was able to lose that many pounds! My friends and family keeps on complimenting on how much weight I lost! I am continuing to lose more pounds and I thank Dr. Jang for it! Thank you so much!   
- Elisa R. (Alpharetta, GA)
After giving birth to my first born son, I became very ill. I suffered from dizziness, back pains, severe headache, eye pains, and hair loss. I went to see my doctor only to have him tell me that I was completely normal and recommended me to go see a psychologist. I know for a fact that I was in serious pain and it wasn’t a psychological issue. I didn’t know what to do until my cousin introduced me to Dr. Jang. She gave me herbal medicine to drink and had some acupuncture sessions. When she put those needles in my back, it felt as if I could fly. It was very soothing and relieving. Her work on me was incredible!  Not only did she cure me of all the pains and problems but I recovered very fast and became healthier than ever!  Because of Dr. Jang I was able to give birth to my second child.  Unlike the first, I did not suffer from any of the pains and problems after my second deliverance because she gave me her herbal medicine to drink soon after giving birth. I highly recommend Dr. Jang for all pains and problems! Her healing is very real and effective! Thank you so much!
- Mumphy D. (Suwanee, GA)
I went to see Dr. Jang to seek acupuncture treatment to solve my lower back, shoulder, and neck pain problems. I have lived with these pains for a very long time until recently, I got into a car accident and it has become worse. I have had hard time sitting down or even lying in bed. Life was hard to get by with all these pain everywhere I went. I fell into depression and that’s when I sought for help. When Dr. Jang started her work on me, it was magical. It was as if a ton of weight had lifted off my shoulder. I can honestly say I felt 80% better just after my first visit. Her acupuncture allowed me to enjoy the little things in life again. Not only did she heal me from my physical state but also of my depression. My life has become much happier and healthier than ever before. I share my successful testimony of acupuncture and recommend seeing Dr. Jang to solve any of your problems.
- Bruce C. (Norcross , GA)