Herbal Medicine
What is Natural Herbal Medicine?
Natural Herbal Medicine has been one of the major streams of Asian Traditional medicine since 5000 years ago. Unlike Western medicine which mostly focuses on treating particular symptoms, Natural Herbal Medicine not only aims to address symptoms but also restores and fortifies the entire body with very few side effects.
How does Natural Herbal Medicine work?
There are two groups of herbs: food herbs and medicinal herbs. The food herbs are usually prescribed as part of one’s diet for general fortification, prevention and maintenance whereas the medicinal herbs treat medical symptoms. When combined properly into a complex formula, medical herbs can be used to strengthen the immune system, enhance organ function, balance hormones, relieve anxiety and depression, promote digestion, increase energy, improve sleep, treat chronic fatigue syndromes and etc. Through a diagnosis by a trained practitioner, patients learn about their patterns of imbalance – groups of signs and symptoms categorized into patterns.  The herbal formulas are individualized and created based on each patient’s patterns of imbalance as well as his or her constitution, environment and medical condition.
How is it made?
Each herb formula is developed by combining different herbs in order to maximize the effectiveness of each herb and reduce the side effects. The treatment results depend on the formulation of the herbs. Traditional herbal formulas generally take a form of liquid tonics, pre-packaged in a single dose.  It is also available in pill or granule form.  Because the tonics are primarily composed of root and bark extracts, they tend to have bitter tastes. However, the bitterness subsides with continued use.
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