What is Acupuncture?
What is acupuncture and How does it work?
Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbal medicine, is one of the corner stone of traditional Asian medicine. Both work on the principle of harmonizing the balance of the body’s energies known as “chi”. The ancient Chinese medical belief is that one’s good health is dependent on the accordance of vital life forces (chi) that flow throughout the human body in pathways called meridians. Illness and pain arise from the imbalance of the body’s chi which can be brought on by number of factors, including injuries, sickness, pathogens, poor diet and stress. Using over 350 “access” points to the meridians in the body, acupuncture and/or herbal medicine repair the imbalance by stimulating organs and body systems to dissolve blockages and strengthen the immune system. This in turn provides relief from pain and promotes healing.
Is it safe?
Acupuncture is extremely safe if performed by a trained professional. The therapy itself has been in use for over thousands of years in Asia, including China, Korea and Japan. The needles used by the acupuncturist are made out of stainless steel or thin silver alloy. They are sterile, disposable needles, individually packaged for single use preventing contamination and infection.
They are also FDA approved.
Is the treatment painful?
The needles used in acupuncture are extremely thin, typically not much thicker than a hair strand and is practically painless. Unlike the shots you receive at the doctor’s, there may be little or no discomfort when the needles are inserted. In some instances you may not even notice or feel the inserted needles. There are also many people who find acupuncture very relaxing.
Will acupuncture conflict with my other medications or treatments?
Acupuncture should not conflict with any of your medications or medical treatments. Acupuncture should be thought of as a supplement, not a replacement, to your current medical treatments or medicines. It is to complement your other medical regiments to help speed up your recovery or maintain good health.
How long are the sessions and how much treatments will I need?
Usually an average session can last about 20 to 30 minutes. Of course, it can be longer, depending on the patient’s condition and situation. The number of sessions one will need will vary from person to person. It is contingent upon various circumstances, including the severity of the illness or complaint and the condition of the individual patient. Your acupuncturist will be able to tell you more accurately on this topic.
Some of the conditions that acupuncture can treat or help alleviate are*:
Diabetes, chronic pain, general aches and pain, weight loss, arthritis, knee pain, hand and foot pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, lower back and neck pain, tendonitis, circulatory problems with high or low blood pressure, cold hands and feet, anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, depression, asthma, allergies, sinus problems, digestive disorders such as Crohn’s Disease, constipation, diaherria, irregular bowel movements, ulcerative colitis, ulcers, migraines, colds, coughs, headaches, as well as speech and mobility for stroke patients.
 *Please note these are only some of the conditions that acupuncture can treat. You should speak with your practitioner about your condition or complaint to see if acupuncture treatment can be of help.
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